Clinical Experience

Dr. Jorge Cervilla has over 25 years of experience as a medical specialist in psychiatry and holds two certificates on Psychiatry and Old Age Neuropsychiatry issued by the Specialist Training Authority of the British General Medical Council. He has worked as consultant psychiatrist for the National Health Service in England and for the Spanish Sistema Nacional de Salud in Barcelona and Granada. His areas of expertise strech from depression or anxiety to dementia and psychosis. He also has wide experience in addiction and in OCD. Dr Cervilla currently works as consultant psychiatrist at San Cecilio University Hospital in Granada and at his private practice (Mensana) which is associated to the General Foundation of the University of Granada (call or text +34 6610 182 801 for a face-to-face consultation). He also runs the on-line psychiatric clinic (text +34 622427101 to arrange an on-line appointment).

Doctor Jorge Cervilla Consultas


You may book your appointment for an on-line or face-to-face consultation with Dr. Jorge Cervilla via this website or via texting (+34 622 427101).

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There are a variety of consultation types both on-line (via video-conference or via private messaging) and face-to-face.

You may also contract several Assistance Packs or our Comprehensive Mental Health Insurance.

All on-line assistance is channeled via the DocLine website, where all prospective patients need to register in order to get an appointment and also to attend on-line consultations.

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