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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Depression
Dr. Jorge Cervilla


Psychiatry is the medical specialty focused on keeping mental health and treating mental illnesses and disorders. This specialty utilizes medical, psychological and social methods to develop its diagnostic and treatment tasks.
Thus, we use neuroimaging, psychological tests and, above all, personal interviews with the patient. Current psychiatry combines pharmachological treatments with natural and psychological therapeutic approaches.
Mental disorders are quite common among the general population and most of them have a solution. Most common mental disorders are anxiety and depression, along with personality issues. More serious mental illnesses are psychotic disorders and cognitive impairment.


Neuropsychiatry is a subspecialty of Psychiatry and is concerned with psychiatric aspects of neurological disease. It is a realm in between neurology and psychiatry and focuses on the behavioural management of cerebral disorders such as addictive disorders, head injury, epilepsy, dementia or cerebrovascular problems.

  • Professor Jorge Cervilla is Doctor of Medicine and medical consultant in Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry.
  • Dr. Cervilla has created this website as a tool geared towards both, helping people with mental health problems and as a means to disseminate new knowledge in the fields of Psychiatry.
  • This website has areas for on-line consultation, diagnosis and treatment options.
  • It also includes information on a variety of Dr. Cervilla’s proffessional issues such as his cv, research lines, treatment options, opinion, news.

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